From Caribbean Shores to Your Plate

Isabela Latin Seafood’s story starts with a deep passion for the rich flavors and fresh bounty of the Caribbean sea. Our founders, inspired by their Caribbean heritage, brought to West Palm Beach a fusion of vibrant Latin flavors and the finest seafood.

Each dish at Isabela is a celebration of life, a blend of traditional methods and modern culinary artistry, showcasing sustainably sourced seafood. Join us on a delightful journey from the sun-kissed Caribbean shores to your plate, where every meal is an exploration of taste and tradition.

Our Food Policy

Isabela Latin Seafood is committed to a food policy that emphasizes sustainability and quality, sourcing the freshest, locally caught seafood and the finest ingredients to craft our authentic Cuban-inspired dishes, ensuring every meal served not only delights the taste buds but also respects our environment and supports our local West Palm Beach community.

Our Core Values

At Isabela Latin Seafood, our core value is to honor the rich culinary heritage of Latin America by providing our guests with an authentic, high-quality dining experience, where every dish is made with passion, respect for traditional Cuban flavors, and a commitment to sustainability and community engagement